Hi! My name is Veronica, but everyone….well, mostly everyone…. calls me Roni. I am not to far from my 40s now and have come to the conclusion that I am not going to write my life’s story like I always said I would. My answer is blogging! That’s not to say that all I am going to blog is my life’s stories, but I need to get them out there… there are def a few of them that need to be said. Beyond that the sky’s the limit!

    I have a beautiful baby boy, who, at 7 isn’t a baby anymore! He’s facing his own challenges already. It’s hard on him, being gifted with a huge brain, anxiety, ADHD and empathy all in a world that tells him he doesn’t fit because he is the wrong skin color. Yes, at his school he’s a minority and even in Kindergarten he was frequently told and picked on for that. What a world we have gifted to these young ones, who should not be growing up with these issues anymore! Ok, enough of that soapbox for now… Anyway, he has a few challenges for one so young, and we are working our way through them one day at a time….But hopefully, they will make him stronger in the long run. 

    Life is truly about the challenges we face and how we face them. I like to think mine made me stronger. I have so many gifts to offer those around me and beyond, and I give them freely. Some tell me I am naive, though that is not the truth. It may appear that I am though. The truth is simpler. I am confident in my own ability to stand heartache to a point, and will take it up to that point in my quest to open my heart to those around me however, I will not go beyond my own tolerance levels. I know my own limits, and I live right to the edge of them. I do not live to other’s view and to them that makes me naive. To me they are naive by being closed off. Life is better on the open side, letting love in, letting hurt in, letting people in. You never know what you can find in this word until you open yourself to it. Avoiding life, hiding from it ti avoid the pain to me is the naive approach. Yet, to each his own! I do not knock anyone their views, however. The biggest success of all……I am happy with who I am. Sometimes lonely, yes, though I am rarely alone. But happy. Go figure that one out people! 😀

   I truly believe though, that in life, Those who look for the magik will indeed find it!

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